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  Local Wines and Craft Beers 

Paris Winery is a winery that has award winning wines. The winery is family and locally owned with over 50 years of wine-making experience including a 3rd generation master wine maker.

DelMonaco Winery and Vineyards is the closest of the eight wonderful wineries in the Upper Cumberland area. We also have Northfield Vineyards that's not to far. Upper Cumberland Wine Trail has a great review of the local wine scene. 

The local craft brew scene is growing as well. Father Tom's (mentioned on the local food page) is a great place to start, but right across the street you will find Red Silo Brewing, and a short walk will lead you to Hix Farm Brewery (right across the street from Ralph's Donuts!) And a short drive away in Sparta, Calf Killer Brewing is a local (and expanding!) favorite found in many of the restaurants listed here). They offer tours (register here) on Saturdays. 

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